Battlefield Reflector For Isolated Travelers Everywhere

Since receiving the Technology Transfer from the US Navy, Airborne Outfitters has worked extensively with the Wright-Brothers Institute to replicate NSWC Crane’s original design into a smaller, more manageable solution. Through this partnership, BARFITE has evolved from a beach ball sized signaling device to a flexible, tailorable solution for the Warfighter.

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Largest Phase
Mid-Sized Phase
Smallest Phase
Graphene Antenna Technology

Graphene Antennas

NSWC designed a working prototype and saw positive results, although the data was not at the resolution level they wanted (nor the size an IP can utilize). This was attributed to the materials used and inaccuracies in the device’s geometry. Airborne Outfitters has partnered with Vorbeck Materials Corporation to study, engineer, and test a solution that maximizes the size, weight, and performance (SWaP) of BARFITE.

Active and Passive
Signaling Capabilities

BARFITE Material Breakdown


Due to the small size and advanced nature of Graphene, placement options are almost limitless.

Watch made of Specialized Material