One Dry Bag. Three Uses.

keeps gear dry

Keeps Gear Dry

The Bitterroot is an 18-Liter bag made from National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved water potable material. When all your possessions are on your back, and you’ve got miles to cover–every ounce counts. If you’ve been on the trail for days or even weeks, gear goes from a luxury to a lifeline. The Bitterroot dry bag lightens your load by reducing the amount of gear you take afield.

filters water

Filters Water

When paired with Aquamira’s Frontier Max (included), you will have virus level water filtration no matter where your adventures take you. In a gravity-fed configuration, the Bitterroot will filter a liter of water approximately every 3 minutes (times may vary depending on the amount of sediment in the water). Prime the filter with a few pumps of the bulb and let the system work hands-free thereafter.

inflates mattresses

Inflates Mattress

Inflating a mattress is the last thing you want to do after a long hike. Simply connect the quick disconnect to the bag and the other end to your mattress, trap air inside the Bitterroot, and roll down the bag to inflate. The Bitterroot is compatible with certain Thermarest®, Klymit®, Cabela’s®, REI C0-op®& Nemo® (nozzle) mattresses.

“Hey Jason! Just got back from my latest backcountry hunt. Got about 150 liters through the bag/filter so far… it’s been such an epic tool, especially when we have limited waters sources close to camp. Thank you again!”

-Jordan R.


Made For Rugged Environments

Made In USA

100% American made and Berry compliant.

BPA Free

Weather Resistant

Withstands temps from -40 to 315 F.

Top Notch Filter

Filters 99.9% Virus, Bacteria & Protozoan with the Aquamira® Frontier Max filter system.

The BitterRoot Is Compatible With
Many Popular Brands

rei co-op

How The BitterRoot Dry Bag Works

Easy Multi-Use Set Up

How To Collect Water
And Filter Water

How To Inflate Your Mattress