Innovating The Outdoors

Airborne Outfitters is a veteran owned business started by an experienced outdoorsman who challenged the classic dry bag to do more. The Bitterroot is the first 3-in-1 bag of its kind. It filters water, inflates air mattresses, and keeps your gear dry, which means you can carry less on your next adventure.

Our Founder

Jason Evatt, is a life-long outdoorsman and spent 26 years in the military. He, like many others, struggled after leaving the service, yet found purpose through innovation. He started sewing as a means to help work through some mental health issues. Jason honed his skill-craft overseas working with gear manufacturers and discovered his entrepreneurial spirit. His passion for the outdoors combined with the cathartic hum of a sewing machine provided the focus he needed to launch the company.


What’s in store for
Airborne Outfitters?

The company plans to expand the product line to include several new backcountry & mil friendly soft goods. We will also be introducing a few sponsored athletes who help design & test all our products. Go to the “Contact Us” page to upload your details and follow us on Instagram!

“Great product! Has so many uses from a short hike with the family to an extended hunt. Really loved how I could keep my gear dry but also filter water wherever I needed. It really gave me a sense of security if anything were to go south. Love this product and supporting veteran owned businesses!”

-Tracy E.

Jeremy Kach

Jeremy Tkach
Manufacturing Lead

Jeremy Tkach began his military career as a Master “At” Arms in the U.S. Navy. His first assignment was in Bahrain, where he deployed as part of Embarked Security Teams, providing security for U.S. naval vessels for Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Jeremy’s next assignment took him to Japan where he worked on a security detail in Sasebo. After the Navy, he continued to serve as an Intelligence Analyst in the Air Force Reserves. He’s been with the company since its inception and resides in Dayton, Ohio.


Chief Morale Officer

Rip is a rescue and our best friend!

Wes Monin

Wes Bonin, MSgt Retired
Product Development

Wes Bonin, MSgt Retired, spent 20+ years as a United States Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Specialist. His goal is to bring modern survival based equipment utilizing current technologies into both the Commercial and Non-Commercial markets. As a SERE Specialist he spent his career utilizing and teaching high risk individuals how to use survival equipment in all scenarios and environments. He also brings expertise as a Military Freefall Jumpmaster/Instructor/Evaluator as well as Military Tandem Instructor and Test Parachutist.